OpenFeint and The9 interested in Android gaming

According to an article by TechCrunch, OpenFeint and The9 have teamed up to get developers to port their iOS games to Android. For those of you that have an iDevice and do any sort of gaming you probably have a few OpenFeint games. They have a rather large selection of games, an even bigger online community, and good reputation. They’ve teamed up with their new Chinese based partner The9 to port games from iOS to Android. They offered developers interested financing to port their games (however, they will be selecting them based on their quality so not everyone gets a free ride). This does two things:

1) Allows smaller developers to port their already successful games to a game-starved Android Market

2) Furthers the interest for OTHER developers to invest in creating apps for Android.

This is GREAT news for Android phone users. Finding good games on the Android Market isn’t the easiest thing to do (don’t get me wrong, there are several good ones). If OpenFeint is backing Android with a $100 million fund this problem should become history. Here’s to great gaming!

Yes, you should be excited.


~ by greenfieldroid on March 10, 2011.

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