Update: Status of this blog/How it came to be

Many of you have probably realized that since posting “I won’t give up on this blog” I have yet to actually post anything on this blog. After thinking about it for a bit and weighing my options I’ve decided I’m going to stop updating (barring some weird circumstances). There’s not much reason for me to keep this blog up. I can get paid for what I write when I post my work on TalkAndroid, and if it’s posted on there it can’t be posted on here. So with my final goodbye, I present to you, my readers, the story of this blog/my career (and where you can find me writing now*).

*for those of you who don’t give a crap about the story and just like my posts and stuff, 1) You’re awesome; I totally would do the same thing. 2) You can find my new “blog” (or rather, section of TalkAndroid) here (Url is http://www.talkandroid.com/author/andrew-g/). 3) Having three reasons always sounds better than two…especially if you numbered them.

How This Blog Came to Be

Originally I made this blog for my friends that would constantly ask me about their phones. After realizing that I was quickly becoming the “go-to guy” for Android phones in my friend circle, I figured it would be lucrative to figure out some way to share all of my answers in a way that they could all see without me having to repeat it/retype it every time someone asked (and by the 12th “what apps would you recommend?” and “should I root?” it was clear to me that I couldn’t keep helping the way I was. After seeing my friend Tyler Pawlak’s Fashion Blog pop up on my news feed I decided that would work. So I went to wordpress to start my blog. Dear lord I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

Apparently people not only had similar questions as my friends, but also enjoyed what and how I wrote. The very first day I had 60 individual views…The site was written for 6-7 people and only had 2-3 articles. I found out later the next day that someone linked one of my articles in their post on a forum. So that made sense. The next day I had 150. The day following that I was at 300. At this point I’m thinking “wtf people?” I mean, I hate writing. English was always my least favorite class in school and I’m in engineering in hopes that I can talk to people in numbers and grunts instead of having to use that “grammar” thing. By week two I was asked by three different sites if they could feature my articles. My stats for my “month of December” were nearly 2000 views…The blog had only been started the last two weeks of December! After realizing this I decided that I was going to take this blog thing seriously. Rather than just post generic questions I would actually do some research on Android news, try and find new things, all that boring shit that news sites do. What I actually found was that it was quite entertaining and more interesting than I could possibly imagine. I had my browser set up to the google news web page searching Android the moment my computer turned on. I was hooked. The “Android vs Apple” war replaced my old technology war obsession of “Nintendo vs Sony vs Microsoft.” I didn’t have one particular side…I just enjoyed the action!

For the first three quarters of January I was booking it. Articles were usually once every other day if not every day. I was trying new Apps, ROMs, whatever I could get my hands on. But like all projects started by an ADHD driven child, reality of how big it is to maintain it consistently quickly sets in (that word has “ai” in it twice…odd). With my my focus this quarter supposed to be on my grades I realized that I didn’t have the time it took to maintain my blog the way I wanted to. Actually, that’s a lie. I only realized it when I noticed I hadn’t posted anything in a week or two and looked at my page views for that week and a half. My stats for February are atrocious. In January I had nearly 6000 views. In February  I barely cracked 4000. For some reason I decided I wanted to pick it back up again (I don’t know why…but I’m glad I did). I started writing bigger, serious articles again rather than just quick finds, (word of advice for future bloggers: There is a direct correlation to how much time you put in a post and how many views it will get. Just look at my “most popular” section…those are all some pretty big articles), and I started to get back into the Android world. It helped that I flashed a new ROM so my phone had that new-interesting feel again…and that a few of my articles were featured on “big boy sites.”

With my attempt to get back into writing my views climbed dramatically. I had three times the amount of views in the last week of February than I did in the first three combined (and probably four times the amount of articles), and I was getting unheard of numbers in the beginning of March (2,000 a day say what???). It was about that time when the Chief Editor of TalkAndroid approached me on xda saying he saw my blog and wanted to know if I’d be interested in writing for TalkAndroid/Getting paid. I had been asked to write for other sites before, but without anything other than “a larger fanbase” to offer, I told them I was content with writing for who I was. The promise of money, however, brought a whole new deal to the table. As a college kid, a part time job that takes 15 minutes out of your day and pays modestly is something you don’t refuse. I told him I was interested and did some hard core research on the site to make sure I wasn’t getting ripped off (they average about 30,000 views a day and rising…that makes my best day look like pocket change) or pulled into some scam. My digging showed no signs of foul play so I accepted. I was originally under the assumption that TalkAndroid would be where I would type up news and my blog would continue running as normal. I didn’t realize that I could actually post what I was doing here as well. Then I hit a realization. I could post an article on here and please a few people who were interested…or post it on TalkAndroid and please several thousand people AND get paid for it. PLUS, the better the site did, the more I got paid. It’s probably pretty obvious why I did what I did. I kept telling myself that I’ll find something to post on my blog and not TA, but I’ve finally decided to call it quits on that idea. I’m not completely abandoning it because I know I’ll think of something eventually…But I felt bad for leaving people with “I’ll still write here” and not posting anything for something like two weeks (…and I was starting to receive some emails wondering whether I was still going to update the site…those made me feel bad).

So to you, my viewers, I want to say thank  you. If it had not been for your support I would not have been offered the job I was. You all followed me assuming I knew what I was doing and often shared it with your friends. So thank you. This does not mean that if you found my articles interesting you’re S.O.L. If you want to still follow me on TalkAndroid all you have to do is click my name on one of my articles and you’ll see all my posts (or just click here [http://www.talkandroid.com/author/andrew-g]…either way). Quite literally it the exact same as what you see here in terms of how it’s done except the color of the site is different. You would only see my posts so it would be like following my blog (there would be a bit more news than what you may be used to). Or, you could just visit TalkAndroid.com in general and get your Android jones there. Either way would be supporting me and greatly appreciated.

“And yet, I still don’t give a damn for the whole state of m*ch*g*n”




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